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IAU is one of the greatest success stories of higher education in iran and the region, if not in the World. Since its inception in 1982, it has grew profoundly both phasically to become one of the largest HE institutions globally, Over the years, IAU has promoted 'higher education for all'  as its key objective.

This has been a challenging task but the university managed to overcome many of the challenges by careating a community of hardworking students and staff in every corner of the country. Three decades of academic hard work and perseverance have now bore frut and we are proud to have a community of over 4 million graduates, 1.7 million current students, 29 thousands faculty members and over 35 thousands administrative staff. With 472 campuses and research centers in the homeland and 4 campuses overseas,scattered over an area exceeding 20 million sqm, together with a range of hospitaks, laboratories, workshops, sport facilities, recreational areas and ITC facilities , IAU now welcomes many applicants locally and internationally. All these together with 617 SAMA high schools affiliated to the University with nearly 53,000 students across Iran, along with 124 vocational centers make the IAU a unique and popular educational center.


Islamic Azad University Of Sowmesara Started With 235 Students in the 1386 in The Allame Tabatabaie High School. With the Help Essentioal affairs of the delegacy of township did The essentioal affair for constraction of unit and in this relation a plan of site in 40207 m2 in ayatollah ehsanbakhsh blvd is bout in the 90/10/06.

This Unit of University produce to seprate unit and seprated to the mother unit. the fields of this university has increased to 23 fields

all of the labs has made in order to decrease the costs and it produce it to the unit today this university has 1730 active students

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